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Top 10 Tips from Essay Proofreader

Essay ProofreaderPrint your document. Reading from the screen makes it difficult to catch mistakes that are otherwise easily identified on paper.

Essay ProofreadersRead out loud. Reading the words, even in a whisper, will allow you to notice if a sentence or phrase does not make sense or whether a logical flow is missing.

Essay Proofreading ServiceTake notice of the punctuation. When reading out loud, follow the punctuation to see if the commas are in place where a pause is necessary.

Essay Proofreading and EditingBe careful with apostrophes or contractions. Remember that individuals tend to mix up words like its and it’s, your and you’re or their and they’re.

Proofread My EssayHomonyms can be a disaster. Careful when using words like sea and see, her and here, bear (as in animal) or bear (as in grief).

Essay Proofreader OnlineRecheck the numbers and stats. Make sure the numbers you use make sense and don’t contradict each other. Also recheck presence of all units of measure.

Online Essay ProofreaderConcentrate on the task. Take a break one done writing and wait at least a day before doing any editing. Plunging right into the editing will make it seem even more tedious.

Essay Proofreading ServicesGet a friend to proofread it. This may be a good choice, but watch out! Sometimes a friend may miss something important.

Essay ProofreadingDo away with distractions. Try to plan your time and activities such that you have a quiet period of time to edit without engaging in other work.

Paper ProofreaderHire the essay proofreader. Many great writers, scientists, politicians or other notable individuals always have had their work proofread by an expert. Consider doing the same!

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